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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Dalmec presents a new posivel PV industrial manipulator for taking, moving and discharging buckets


Dalmec presents a new industrial manipulator of the Posivel PV type equipped with a suitable gripping tool, designed specifically for the handling of buckets to be emptied!

Mainly targeting the industrial sectors of chemistry, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, varnishes and paint, this new Dalmec manipulator, a true load balancer with double cables type Posivel PV, is equipped with a gripping device custom designed to meet the handling and spillage of buckets.

This double cable manipulator is equipped with a grip tool with specific hooks for taking and handling buckets of different shapes and weights.

Simple and ergonomic solution, this manipulator annihilates all physical efforts and therefore all the risks of MSDs with totally improved working conditions, thus ultimately bringing a remarkable gain in safety and productivity for operators, for manipulations ... without any effort!

The type of load balancing is automatic and allows the bucket to be spilled with a fully controlled and balanced handling. Thus, the Posivel PV Manipulator presented here in a fixed aerial version eliminates all footprints on the ground.

All movements in space are free and are achieved through minimal effort by the direct action of the operator on the gripping tool or on the load itself.

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