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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Diorskin Mineral Nude directed by Texen

Dior's compact with a famous quilted pattern appears on the market. An iconic pack produced by Texen according to new technical and aesthetic specificities.
Available in different references, here it is in its summer version, in a refined look. It is the result of a new collaboration between Dior and Texen Industries.
The iconic lid is injected in ABS into a mould incorporating the dedicated décor as well as the Dior logo, then metallic silver.
The base is made in two stages. The cup is injected into the exact hue of the four powder references. This insert is then distributed by robot in the press to make the contour over-moulding injected in SMMA crystal. A edge, decorated in hot silver marking, highlights the rounding.
The assembly of the base and hood is done by pin, closing by hook.
The inserted mirror is a sly piece and assembled by Texen.
The packs are delivered assembled to the brand that ensures various forms of powder packaging.


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