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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Qualipac's expertise in Givenchy's Forbidden Vinyl Gloss

Qualipac uses all its know-how in plastics processing in the complete development of the new Givenchy gloss. The brand, which enriches its “Interdit” make-up line, has developed a range of 12 ultra-shiny and colorful shades for which Qualipac has produced a PETG bottle playing on the subtlety of shapes for a luxury and couture effect. The original combination of the cylindrical interior designed in a square case with thick walls reveals all the sparkle and shine of glossy materials.
Thanks to a high technical mastery, Qualipac has reproduced textile effects on the upper unit where the famous ribbon, emblem of the brand, is finely embossed in the mold and elegantly highlighted by a silver hot stamping. The Givenchy logo engraved on the top of the bonnet completes this decor with refinement.
Qualipac also signs the transparent tigelle and the foam applicator tip stamped with a G of this high-end gloss. The unique shape of the tip allows you to load more texture for a pleasant and uniform application of the color: a unique application gesture that makes up the lips in a single pass for flawless precision.

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