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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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EasyMask: 100% French impregnated masks

Indispensable for beauty in Asian countries, the impregnated mask is fast becoming essential for all cosmetic brands in Europe. To meet this growing demand which requires substantial investments as well as very specific technology, Lessonia has invested in the manufacture and packaging of soaked masks (face and eyes).

Thus, on its Saint Thonan site (Brest region), Lessonia is the only European company to have the expertise to:

  • Design the products
  • Control the regulatory file
  • Make the serums or lotions
  • Customize packaging
  • Condition masks locally

Lessonia offers 4 types of media to meet the different expectations of the market:

  • Lyocell: ideal support for impregnating a large amount of active ingredients
  • Non-woven cotton: very soft backing which offers a very competitive price range
  • Black Oak Detox: porous and antipollution support allowing the absorption of impurities. Ideal for purifying care
  • Bio-cellulose: very popular material in Asia that behaves like a second skin.

Lessonia has taken advantage of the latest technological innovations in cosmetology and produces serums or lotions intended for impregnation, without the addition of preservatives. This is a real asset for this type of product. Indeed, due to the large amount of product applied to the face, redness or itching may be noted in connection with preservatives.
To go fast, Lessonia offers a range of 4 serums: anti-aging, moisturizing, brightening and eye contour. Customers just have to personalize their packaging and finalize the regulatory file with the help of the company.


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