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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Organic ID unveils a soothing ingredient based on saffron flower


During the last edition of ln-Cosmetics Paris, ID bio introduced its partners to Sens'flower, a soothing active ingredient offering a global approach for sensitive skin.

In response to the problem of sensitive skin which affects, according to a recent study, 68% of the world population (men and women alike) ID bio has developed a soothing active created from saffron flowers via a technological process. specific. Sens'flower acts effectively on the main skin discomforts characteristic of reactive and hyper-sensitive skin. Complementary biological targets were analyzed using their respective marker during in vitro studies.
Sens'flower offers a wide field of action via synergistic pathways:

  • Reinforcement of the skin barrier and stimulation of NMF
  • Control of the pro-inflammatory response and associated skin signals
  • Decreased skin discomfort
  • Redness reduction

The results were supplemented by clinical tests on panelists, in order to validate the beneficial action of the active ingredient for sensitive skin:

  • Reduction of red spots: up to -8% after only 28 days
  • Reduced surface area of red areas

A self-assessment study was also carried out.

Focus on the French industry
ID bio has set up several local sectors with French supplies, secured from several organic saffron farms or in sustainable agriculture, in particular based in the Limousin region. The use of flowers makes it possible to promote a by-product of saffron cultivation that has not yet been exploited. In fact, only the stigmas of the plant are used for the production of the spice in the food industry and the flowers, despite their discovered explosive molecular potential, were until then not valued. The creation of this network of partners makes it possible to offer a new and complementary outlet to producers and to ensure short sourcing circuits around this delicate, fragile and ephemeral raw material harvested with special attention over 2 to 4 weeks towards the end. of the month of October.

A solution for formulators
Sens'flower is dedicated to formulators working on the creation of ultra-soft formulas that respect the skin. Thanks to this active ingredient created from a fine, delicate and ephemeral flower, they benefit from a differentiating approach making it possible to respond effectively to the initial brief while providing an answer to consumers who are increasingly prone to hypersensitivity. cutaneous. This active ingredient is easy to formulate and can be incorporated in formulas for complete facial care, eye contour, masks, but also in functional make-up products.

identity card
INCI: Crocus Sativus Flower Extract
Objectified in tubo, in vitro and in vivo
Certified by organic according to ECOCERT and COSMOS
Complies with current country regulations including China (authorized IECIC 2015)

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