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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Security evaluators: courses now online

The training courses for safety assessors offered by the German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK) and the Association for Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes and Detergents (IKW) are now available online, in order to do facing travel restrictions and budget limitations.

For more than 20 years, cosmetics manufacturers have had to subject every product to a comprehensive safety assessment before it is launched in the EU.

“The Community regulation on cosmetic products is considered to be one of thethe strictest cosmetics laws in the world. Safety assessors are very important because their expertise helps ensure that a cosmetic product meets all legal requirements. We are happy to note that other countries are also interested in these high safety standards and we are ready to share our current knowledge online ”birgit Huber, Head of the Competence Partner Beauty Care.

Six course modules are now available as webinars in English. The offer will be completed in the fall with the addition of an additional module. After each course, it is possible to take an online exam, which entitles you to a certificate.

People who meet the legal requirements for their career and who have attended three practical seminars of the DGK / IKW within three years can apply for the “ DGK Safety Assessor ” certificate.

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