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Expanscience launches a new active ingredient Calybiota Bio

Expanscience, an independent, family-owned French company with a mission and B Corp certification, is launching Calybiota Bio, a new COSMOS-certified active ingredient. Furthermore, committed to responsible supply chains, Expanscience has provided financial and technical support to the Chinese cooperative that harvests Schisandra berries in Sichuan (Sweetone Bio active ingredient) for FairWild certification. This is the first time a cooperative has obtained this certification in China. Expanscience had also obtained the Fair for Life label for its Macaline and Skinhairgium Bio actives, sourced from the maca chain in Peru, (2019) and for its organic illipe butter sourced in Indonesia (2021).

Calybiota Bio, a natural 100% active ingredient that rebalances the skin's microbiota

An extract rich in polysaccharides from the calyxes of the Red Kapok tree, sourced in Africa, Calybiota Bio is COSMOS-certified by Ecocert. Particularly recommended in intimate care and hygiene cosmetics, a clinical study* has demonstrated its role in protecting vaginal flora. The study revealed a prebiotic effect on this flora, a reduction in inflammation and feelings of discomfort, hydration of the intimate area and improved sexual comfort. Calybiota Bio is also recommended for acne-prone, atopic/eczematous or hypersensitive skin, as well as for deodorant formulas. This active ingredient helps protect and maintain the balance of the skin's microbiota.

FairWild, a certification guaranteeing the sustainability of wild resources and respect for local communities

In line with its "impACT" CSR approach, Expanscience has also supported FairWild certification for its wild Schisandra berry harvesting chain, from which the Sweetone Bio anti-imperfection active ingredient is extracted.
One of the main aims of this certification is to guarantee the sustainability of the management of non-cultivated resources. Schisandra sphenanthera is a wild climbing plant native to central and western China, and also found in Korea and Japan.
It is referenced in traditional Chinese medicine. As a common resource for cosmetic ingredients, non-cultivated plants must be carefully managed to ensure compliance with rigorous, reasoned practices that respect the resource and its habitat. This management ensures that the quantities harvested are in line with the quantities available, and that harvesting practices guarantee the renewal and preservation of the resource and its environment.
The first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory and the first supplier of cosmetic ingredients to be B Corp certified in 2018, Expanscience has been a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) since 2011. Now a "company with a mission", the company is committed to working for the common good through its raison d'être "helping individuals shape their well-being" and has set itself a series of social and environmental objectives such as contributing "to achieving global climate goals" and "protecting and regenerating biodiversity". Supporting partners in the certification of their supply chains is part of this approach.

* Clinical study conducted with Calybiota. Bio formulated at 1,25% in a cleansing gel and a cream and used in combination every day for 28 days on 4 groups of women (post-vaginosis, post-mycosis, irritation and post-menopause).

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