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Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) lends its expertise to Ulé, Shiseido's new natural and eco-conscious skincare brand

Ulé is based on a reasoned, eco-conscious vision of beauty, with cosmetic formulations promoting naturalness. The young brand needed packaging to match its eco-responsible objectives. Ulé chose the expertise of Faiveley Plast Beauty to manufacture its biosourced caps.

The power of nature, boosted by technology 

Ulé stands for responsible, conscious beauty, with highly effective natural products. " The power of nature, boosted by technology "describes the brand, which makes its products with plants fromeco-farms and according to formulations developed by experts. Ulé chose containers (jars and bottles) made from lightweight glass, for reduced carbon impact, as well as caps made from biosourced materials. Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) was able to deploy its expertise in this area.

Biobased materials: an eco-responsible choice

Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI), experts in the transformation of Sulapac materials, worked with Shiseido's R&D and purchasing teams to develop primary packaging for the Ulé brand. 
The company produced all the hoods for the new range, including two different-sized hoods for the cream. I'm chill "(15 ml and 30 ml caps), and a cap for the balancing floral mist " The beautiful Reset ".
These hoods are made of two pieces of Sulapac, the biosourced alternative to plastic created by the company of the same name. This material offers numerous advantages in terms of eco-responsibility - biosourcing of FSC wood, durability, industrial compostability, eco-design, low carbon impact, European manufacturing - as well as quality and functionality. 

For Faiveley Plast Beauty, the Ulé hoods represented a number of technical challenges. We had to master the injection and assembly of two Sulapac materials - the premium material and the barrier material - in keeping with the brand's sleek, elegant design. It was also essential for the caps to comply with packaging approval specifications. This requires, on the one hand, perfect protection of the formulas (oxygen barrier), and, on the other, the ability to degrade (compostability in an industrial environment).
Faiveley Plast Beauty and Sulapac worked hard on the hood colors, to ensure that they blended perfectly with the brand's range. Finally, the brand logo was inlaid on all the hoods.

Marc Beltrami, Sales Manager declares : Faiveley Plast Beauty is proud to launch its second complete range of products in Sulapac materials. The challenges presented to us by our brands are a source of emulation and innovation for our teams. They motivate us to constantly push back the boundaries of our expertise. "

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