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FaiveleyTech inaugurates a new ISO 7 cleanroom

The FaiveleyTech Annecy site announces the installation of a new cleanroom dedicated to additional assembly operations. This installation will increase the strength of FaiveleyTech's Health BU in the markets for medical devices, diagnostic consumables, pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery.

Buoyed by constant growth, FaiveleyTech's Healthcare BU is investing in a complementary tool and production force in line with customer requirements and market trends.

FaiveleyTech is an international group of French origin, specializing in high value-added plastic injection molding for demanding, selective and/or normative markets in industry, beauty and health.

The Group increases its production capacity by installing a new 100 m² ISO 7 cleanroom at its Annecy site. This complements the three 1700 m² ISO 7 cleanroom injection workshops (800 m², 600 m² and 300 m²), the two grayroom assembly workshops and the integrated microbiological laboratory. The new cleanroom will welcome its first projects in the summer of 2023.

FaiveleyTech is developing its assembly capabilities in ISO 7 cleanrooms, to complement its injection molding activities (also in ISO 7 cleanrooms).

"Thanks to this new equipment, FaiveleyTech is able to offer the healthcare market a complete package including additional operations complementary to ISO 7 cleanroom injection. This approach, which covers the medical devices, diagnostic consumables, pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery sectors, is a real added value".says Lionel Frutoso, Director of the Health BU. 

FaiveleyTech Annecy: key site for the Healthcare business unit

FaiveleyTech's Health BU is organized around three strategic business areas: pharmaceuticals (drug delivery and pharmaceutical packaging), diagnostics and medical devices.

The FaiveleyTech Annecy site (formerly Eudica) is focused on pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, with a strong emphasis on industrialization, automation of ultra-qualified processes, a high level of equipment and production in a controlled atmosphere.

It provides players in the pharmaceutical sector with greater responsiveness and flexibility. Its facilities are designed for high-volume, high-throughput production, with high-performance automation adapted to demanding quality requirements.

The FaiveleyTech Ticino site (formerly Socoplast), located in Switzerland, complements this, basing its expertise on medical devices. Equipped with an ISO 8 clean room, it provides customers with prototyping, design support and product studies. Our expertise in micro-injection, assembly, welding and finishing is particularly relevant to the production of small and medium-sized runs.

FaiveleyTech is constantly investing in its production facilities, making it a versatile and agile partner for companies in the healthcare sector. The combination of its product expertise (drug delivery, pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostics, medical devices) and technical know-how (controlled atmosphere production, industrialization and automation of high-cadence processes, mastery of highly demanding qualifications, assembly solutions, micro-injection) makes it a key player in the healthcare industry.

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