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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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FlorIndex, from TechnicoFlor, continues its revolution

In this context of ecological emergency known to all, TechnicoFlor has developed FlorIndex, a tool to assess the impact of perfume formulas on the environment. An approach towards a more responsible perfumery now validated by Afnor Certification: a first.

Consumption habits have now evolved: we are tending more and more towards a more responsible and natural consumption. Consumers are asking for more transparency on the composition of the products they use. It is in response to this requirement that TechnicoFlor, a French, family and independent perfume composition house specializing in the creation of perfumes for the biggest names in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Hygiene, launched FlorIndex in 2022, a unique tool
eco-design of perfume formulas.

A true innovation created by TechnicoFlor's teams, accompanied by eco-design experts, FlorIndex is the only tool to date capable of measuring the environmental impact of perfumes at almost all stages of their development cycle. From the sourcing of raw materials to the end of life of the perfume, including production and transport, 38 indicators are examined in order to evaluate 8 criteria: the weight of the raw materials responsible, the weight of the solvent, the energy required for production,
the impact of transport, but also the biodegradability of a formula or the measurement of its toxicity on the environment and health. In the form of an eco-score, it assigns to the perfume a grade from A to E which allows to have all the data necessary for its understanding.

A unique tool, the most comprehensive on the market, FlorIndex has just obtained validation from Afnor Certification: the organization has validated the relevance, transparency and robustness of FlorIndex. " We have taken another step forward in our desire to control the environmental and societal impacts of our formulas. By providing our customers with a tool that allows them to communicate the use of an eco-designed perfume to their distributors and consumers, we offer them a completely new advantage. FlorIndex will bring our entire industry into the era of transparency and eco-creation! " says Maxime Gransart, Deputy CEO of Technicoflor.

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