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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Fun!Ethic, standard-bearer of the Slow Cosmetics label

Fun!Ethic is an eco-friendly company that innovates to make cosmetics that are both healthier and better for the planet. Its formulations go far beyond official specifications, banning all controversial substances. The brand distinguishes itself with age-appropriate skincare products for teenagers, young women and women, as well as hygiene products. In 2013, it was one of the first 26 companies to be awarded the Slow Cosmétique label, an international guarantee of quality that in just a few years has become synonymous with excellence in the beauty sector.

With its human scale, ultra-local roots and natural, eco-designed range using noble ingredients, Fun!Ethic embodies the sensible cosmetics promoted by the Slow Cosmetics label. Its ecological formulas and its DNA make it one of the most committed alternatives on the beauty market. 

The Slow Cosmétique label highlights manufacturers who value their terroir, in particular, in a family, artisanal and ecological way. Preserving ancestral know-how while creating jobs and innovating for truly clean cosmetics is the aim of the 302 brands that have been awarded the label to date, all of which are family-run, human-scale structures. 

"The Slow Cosmetics label has been beneficial for our brand, and we wear it with pride. It represents strong support for greater transparency and the promotion of ethical marketing. We were the first to bring the Slow Cosmétique label to supermarkets and claim its benefits.say Martine Schmitt and Olaf Maurice, founders of Fun!Ethic.

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