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Gattefossé strengthens its international presence and lays the cornerstone for its production site in Texas

The cornerstone for Gattefossé's brand-new production site in North America will be laid on Wednesday June 8, at a ceremony attended by Gattefossé teams and officials from the city of Lufkin, Texas.

This production facility will manufacture lipid-based specialty ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, thereby increasing the Group's production capacity. The plant is scheduled to start production in 2024.

GATTEX, Gattefossé, Texas: a major project in the history of Gattefossé

Gattefossé began its international expansion in the 1980s, opening subsidiaries all over the world. In addition to commercial entities, the Group has invested in various facilities to strengthen its global presence:

– Three Technical Centers of Excellence have been built in India, China and the United States In addition to laboratories in France. These laboratories provide assistance and technical support to customers in the development of their formulas, and are also a source of inspiration.

– Two production lines have been developed in Singapore and Spain, in addition to the main production site in Lyon, France.

The decision to set up a new industrial site in the United States is a logical next step in the Group's development.

 " The construction of a new production site in North America is a further step in Gattefossé's international expansion. It will enable the Group to meet several strategic challenges. Firstly, to increase our global production capacity and offer a back-up solution on three continents. Secondly, to further improve the management of our environmental impact by reducing delivery distances and eco-designing the plant. This major investment of over $50 million is the largest project our Group has ever undertaken, marking a turning point in our transition from a mid-sized company to a global industrial group.  "explains Eduardo De Purgly, CEO of Groupe Gattefossé.

A new stage in corporate social responsibility

The Gattex project is part of the Group's CSR roadmap, named Gatt'Up & Act. The production site will mainly serve regional customers, thus limiting the impact of transport.

Plant to be Leed-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a globally recognized label for sustainability, resource preservation and conservation.

The United States, a strategic choice for the Group's development

Gattefossé's presence in North America began with the creation of the US subsidiary in 1982. Since then, the organization has grown considerably. The opening of the Technical Center of Excellence in 2017 in Paramus, NJ was an important milestone. The construction of a brand-new manufacturing plant in Lufkin, TX, is another major step in our strategy to better penetrate North America, the leading market for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It will improve our proximity to our customers, while contributing to the local economy through the creation of new jobs. In addition, it will respond to our customers' strong demand for "Made in the USA" products.  "says Eric Brun, President and General Manager of Gattefossé USA and Canada.

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