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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Givaudan acquires 25% of the shares of b.kolormakeup & skincare


Givaudan announces that it has acquired 25% of the shares of b.kolormakeup & skincare, an innovative Italian company specializing in the end-to-end development and production of makeup and skin care products for customers in the consumer packaged goods and luxury sectors. By joining forces, Givaudan Parfums et Beauté and b.kolor will leverage their respective capabilities to provide customers with creative and unique integrated products and solutions.

Founded in 2000, b.kolor is headquartered near Milan (Italy) and employs some 250 people. Its employees are recognized experts in the fields of industrial formulation design, focused on innovation and sensory benefits combined with technical performance. They participate in all phases of the creative process for makeup and skin care products, from the generation of ideas and their transposition into cosmetic formulas, to the design of innovative devices and the manufacture of the final product. They design about 250 new products every year, offering their customers products ready for consumer favorite brands.

b.kolor will provide Givaudan with value-added solutions for its customers, allowing them to accelerate their own development process and bring new generations of makeup and skin care products to market more quickly. In return, b.kolor will benefit from access to Givaudan's palette of ingredients and its patented Perfume and Beauty technologies.

Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan Parfums et Beauté, said: "The implementation of this unique partnership with b.kolor through the acquisition of 25% of its shares promises to be an exciting adventure. It is fully aligned with our ambitions for 2025 to continue our expansion in the areas of skin care and makeup. By sharing our creative and innovation capabilities, we will be able to generate additional value for our respective customers by presenting a comprehensive offering combining high-level scientific knowledge, design excellence and end-to-end manufacturing. This situation will benefit all our customers, as they will gain in marketing speed, with very innovative finished products. »

Maria-Teresa Sancini, President of b.kolor, said: "We are delighted to start this collaboration with Givaudan. It represents a great opportunity to develop our business. Givaudan's creative, ingredient and technology capabilities will greatly help us evolve our product offering and we will also benefit from Givaudan's customer base and geographic presence to access new territories." We are also very pleased to share with Givaudan our unique know-how in terms of creation, design and production, in order to market the products of tomorrow. »

The terms of the transaction are not made public. Givaudan finances it with already existing resources. According to the agreement, within three years, Givaudan has the possibility, and not the obligation, to acquire majority control of b.kolor.

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