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Industrial processes

Metrology & Monitoring Solutions Group (JRI) acquires CIET and focuses on cosmetics

After the acquisition in 2015 of JRI, a historical manufacturer of monitoring solutions for temperature and other physical parameters, the Metrology & Monitoring Solutions group continues its development plan and announces the acquisition of CIET, a company known for its services, particularly in qualification and validation of equipment, for the life science industryThe synergies between the two companies will enable the group to offer a range of products and services that specifically meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industry and their subcontractors.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry is a very demanding environment for its service providers in terms of quality, skills, means and methods. CIET has been providing its skills to this industry for nearly 15 years in order to guarantee the compliance of their equipment and processes with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or c-GMP.

Equipped with equipment that complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 certification, its highly qualified teams carry out the qualification of climatic and thermostatic chambers, autoclaves, sterilization processes (SIP, sanitization), cryoTs and cryopreservers, and also ensure the qualification of regulated warehouses according to GMP. CIET also offers on-site metrological services and has an in-house metrology laboratory for monitoring equipment and drift. In addition, it provides consulting services (optimization of test protocols, data processing, drafting of audit procedures, etc.).

The monitoring of temperature, hygrometry and pressure in laboratories (quality control, research, etc.), in production areas or during logistics phases, requires high reliability and real expertise. JRI, with its monitoring solutions, has been a reference company since 1845 in the development of innovative solutions for metrological quality.

Synergy between CIET and JRI companies at the heart of the M&MS Group strategy

This merger is the result of a long collaboration between the two companies, whose objective is to cover the entire value chain: consulting-engineering, qualification services, monitoring and alert solutions, and metrology services, while maintaining the efficiency of each entity. JRI's long-standing skills in measurement monitoring and Cofrac temperature metrology, combined with CIET's expertise in qualification and validation, now make it possible to offer specific services for the Life Sciences Industry.

Sundy Morandat, CIET's General Manager, alongside the M&MS Group's management team adds: " CIET has always worked with integrity and transparency to offer a personalized service to its customers. Through this merger, we are pursuing our ambition to become a major national player in the provision of ultra-specific services to the pharmaceutical industry while consolidating our know-how and maintaining our quality standards. ".

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