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GM Group unveils the relaunch of its Keiji amenity line 

Specializing in hospitality products, GM Group has relaunched one of its best-selling brands, Keiji, with an all-new line design and a focus on sustainability. 

For thousands of years, many civilizations have explored the secrets of perfumes and essential oils. This ancient knowledge, a source of natural well-being, is also known as aromatherapy and serves as the inspiration for the Keiji line of amenities. 

An oriental-inspired line rooted in nature

Keiji Mémoire des Sens is an elegant line of oriental-inspired aromatherapy, formulated with the highest quality ingredients from nature. The brand's striking red logo is inspired by traditional Asian seals. To emphasize the use of essential oils, products are embellished with illustrations of natural ingredients, each echoing the ancient art of traditional ink painting. 

The hair and body gel is enriched with essential oils of mint and eucalyptus, famous for their refreshing properties, while the shower gel is enriched with essential oils of juniper and coriander, known for their energizing and purifying properties. Rosemary and sage essential oils, known for their toning properties, are found in the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. To complete the bathing ritual, cedar and sandalwood essential oils are present in the body lotion. 

All are available in 40-ml formats, packaged in recycled plastic bottles. 

A 20 g exfoliating soap and a mild soap with bitter almond essential oils, and 35 g bath salts with chamomile and jasmine essential oils all available in 0 % plastic packaging are also part of the Keiji range. 

As part of GM Group's Care About Earth program, large-format 300 ml Ecopump dispensers are featured in the line, made from recycled plastics. The pumps are created using bio-sourced resin, mainly made from sugar cane. In this format, you can find hair and body gel, body lotion and hand soap enriched with Bitter Almond essential oil, renowned for its soothing benefits. Several secure wall-mounting options are available in combination with Ecopomps, which can be fixed to the wall with screws or double-sided adhesive tape. 

A 28 g bath pebble with luxurious flower essential oils completes the product range. 

The formulas in the Keiji hotel range are certified vegan, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and gluten-free. These products contain up to 98 % of ingredients of natural origin. 

Care About Earth 

The Keiji line is fully in line with GM Group's Care About Earth program, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products and contribute to sustainability to protect the planet for many generations to come. As an eco-responsible amenity supplier, GM Group consistently prioritizes the use of plant-based materials, post-industrial or post-consumer recycled plastics and the sourcing of 100% renewable raw materials. By choosing the path of eco-design, Groupe GM offers hoteliers sustainable solutions and helps them steer their eco-responsible transition. 

GM Group President Laurent Marchand said: "Producing high-quality hotel creations for our customers and partners around the world has always been paramount to us. We understand the growing need for eco-friendly products and to create packaging that is not harmful to the environment. The eco-designed Keiji amenity range is entirely in line with our corporate beliefs and embodies our commitments to excellence and customer service at GM Group by providing our customers with luxurious amenities that reduce their overall impact."

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