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Protection of the hair against olfactory pollution

Today, the term "exposome" is used to describe all the environmental factors that can have an impact on the skin and its appendages. The sun's rays, atmospheric pollution (outdoor and indoor) and cigarette smoke have long been known to dull the complexion, alter skin firmness and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.

In the case of hair, atmospheric pollution weakens capillary fibers, and the deposition of particles makes hair dull and brittle. But there's another kind of consequence too: olfactory pollution. Hair is notorious for easily absorbing odors, whether good or bad. After all, who hasn't complained about having hair that smells of tobacco, smoke or fried food after spending time in "polluted" environments?

To combat these "bad smells", Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care has developed a new approach to evaluate the "anti-odour" effectiveness of hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, leave-on products or mists). Hair strands are treated before and after prolonged contact with odorant molecules (chosen according to your needs), then our panel of experts assesses the product's odor-neutralizing effect compared to untreated strands.

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