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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Hebelys awarded a Ringier Technology lnnovation Award


Hebelys, a biotechnological active ingredient developed by Greentech, has received a Ringier Technology lnnovation Award, one of the most recognized awards in the cosmetic active ingredient market in China.

The Ringier Awards recognize innovative and promising assets for the Chinese market. They are evaluated by a jury on 4 criteria: efficacy/scientific data, safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

This award received by Hebelys is a positive signal for French biotechs and attests to the interest of a holistic approach to skin care. Hebelys is an active ingredient from advanced biotechnologies, designed according to a systemic approach, specifically responding to the skin and emotional needs of women of the silver generation or to accompany women towards positive aging from their fifties, as the guardian of their golden age.


Ferment of Sphingomonas sp., a golden extremophile microorganism capable of surviving in stressful environments thanks to high metabolic plasticity, obtained by optimized fermentation (metabolic orientation).

Mechanisms of action

Hebelys targets the accelerating mechanisms of skin aging: oxidative stress and cellular senescence pathways (p21/p16) leading to the appearance of "zombie" cells. It limits SASP (senescence-associated secretory phenotype), including the secretion of pro-inflammatory factors, thus helping to limit the deleterious effects of "zombie" cells. In addition, Hebelys has a rejuvenating effect on dermal matrisoma, for an environment with a rejuvenating effect on cells.

Benefits: skin and emotion sublimator

Hebelys offers a holistic approach to mature skin care, acting on both:

– 4 physical impacts of age on the skin: smoothes wrinkles, brightens and evens the complexion, improves texture and tones the skin;

– 2 cognitive impacts: increases self-esteem and positive emotions.

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