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Saturday September 30, 2023
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TechnicoFlor launches FlorIndex, a unique ecodesign tool for perfume formulas

TechnicoFlor, a French, family-owned and independent perfume composition house specialized in the creation of perfumes for the biggest names in perfumery, cosmetics and hygiene, launches FlorIndex, a tool for the eco-design of perfume formulas, a real innovation in the profession.

Created by TechnicoFlor's teams, accompanied by ecodesign experts, FlorIndex aims to evaluate the impact of the formulas created by the group's perfumers, mainly on the environment, but also on the societal level and the
health. It is the only tool that is able to measure the environmental impact at almost every stage of the fragrance development cycle: from the sourcing of raw materials to the end of the fragrance's life, including formulation, production and transportation. " By choosing 38 indicators to evaluate 9 criteria, themselves divided into 3 main stages, we have built the most complete tool to date "explains Maxime Gransart, deputy general manager of TechnicoFlor.

The criteria used include the weight of responsible raw materials, CMRs and endoctrinian disruptors, the weight of the solvent, the energy required for production and the impact of transport. But also the biodegradability of a formula or the measurement of its toxicity on the environment and health. The other great strength of FlorIndex lies in the fact that this tool is scalable: it can easily adapt to regulatory changes and integrate future new criteria.

" Today's consumers have different requirements: if they don't want to compromise on efficiency, sensoriality or creativity, they are now looking for products that are healthier, greener and more natural. For them of course, but also for
also for the environment. This is why they ask for more transparency on the composition of the products they use, whether in cosmetology or perfumery
"says Maxime Gransart. TechnicoFlor has developed FlorIndex to meet this double requirement - more responsible consumption and transparency.

The result? A complete tool in the form of an ecoscore, giving the perfume a grade from A to E. The final score and that of the different stages of its development cycle are visualized so that the consumer has all the necessary data for his
understanding. And that's not all: " with the aim of constant improvement, perfumers also have access to the possible points on which they can make progress in order to move towards an ever more responsible creation "concludes François Patrick Sabater, president of TechnicoFlor.

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