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Herbarom Laboratoire: 100 % committed ingredients

2024 is a special year for the French Herbarom Group, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on January 25. Founded in 1994, it has been working alongside its customers for 30 years to create unique and specific ingredients, capturing the very essence of nature and plants.

At the in-Cosmetics trade show, Herbarom Laboratoire, a company specializing in the production, sourcing and development of plant extracts and formulas, presents new ingredients from French and local sources, and from upcycling. These ingredients serve to simplify formulations and promote more natural, minimalist formulas.

Herbarom Laboratoire offers a wide range of botanical solutions in a variety of variants, providing cosmetics professionals with a broad choice in terms of range depth (concentration, preservation, origin, certification...). The company is continuing its in-depth work on committed ingredients with three new ingredients to take the 360° exploration of a botanical species even further: flowers, fruits, skin, seeds...

Fruit blossom water

Building on its local presence, the company has forged a strategic, local partnership with ChestNut, a company specializing in the recovery of raw materials from arboriculture, to source flowers.

Herbarom Laboratoire introduces two new ingredients: apple blossom water and apricot blossom water.

Chestnut hydroglycerine extract

Herbarom Laboratoire is working with another upcycling resource: chestnut pericarp, to produce a chestnut hydroglycerine extract. The chestnuts, used in the first stage to make marrons glacés, are sourced locally (Ardèche) and close to Herbarom's extraction site in the Drôme. This approach limits the use of new natural resources.

Formulation of application products

Herbarom Laboratoire also intends to demonstrate its ability to understand market and brand issues, and to translate them into concrete product applications, to help its customers plan their use of these ingredients.

The company has developed a hand cream based on apple tree ingredients (apple tree floral water 10% prf, apple skin distilled water 22.3% CBIO PrF, CBIO virgin apple seed oil).

Apples - rich in polyphenols and vitamin C - are renowned for their moisturizing and antioxidant properties, and for accelerating tissue regeneration.

Herbarom has also created a hair mask based on apricot ingredients (apricot floral water 10% PrF, virgin apricot oil ABIO - France, apricot HG 10% PrH - 03).

Rich in vitamins, apricots have antioxidant properties.

At in-Cosmetics, Herboraom also presented a face cream based on Chestnut Ingredient (HG châtaigne drêche 5% CBIO PrF - Ardèche).

Chestnuts are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and tannic acids, giving them antioxidant, revitalizing, anti-aging and anti-acne properties.

A tailor-made accompaniment

Herbarom supports its customers from project conception through to industrial implementation. Relying on its in-house experts, the company also offers tailor-made services throughout the value chain to support its customers' ingredient development projects.

Thanks to its expertise in food supplements, the group also supports its customers with nutricosmetics solutions.

The nutricosmetics dimension and in & out associations are key issues in the cosmetics sector. Herbarom is a true partner in these areas.

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