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Two new ingredients for Givaudan Active Beauty 

Givaudan Active Beauty recently launched Neuroglow, an active ingredient that mimics the beneficial properties of sunlight. The company is also the creator of Silk-iCare, a vegan silk for protect and repair the skin.

A new ingredient for radiance and good humor

Manufactured by green fractionation from Persicaria tinctoria sourced in Provence, Neuroglow is an active ingredient designed to safely reproduce all the positive effects of the sun. 

In addition to stimulating vitamin D production, sunlight is recognized for its positive impact on mood and energy, while contributing to a healthy appearance thanks to its desirable tanning effects.1. In a world where contemporary lifestyles lead us to spend more time indoors, Neuroglow provides an answer to a growing demand for the positive effects associated with sun exposure. Research shows that 80 % of American Generation Z consumers are looking for cosmetics that positively influence their mood.2.

Neuroglow mimics the beneficial properties of sunlight, stimulating melanin production (+126 %) and promoting the skin's release of feel-good molecules such as beta-endorphin (+ 43%), vitamin D (+ 345%) and oxytocin (+ 229%). By stimulating melanin production, Neuroglow prepares the skin for sun exposure, enabling a faster, healthier, more natural and better protected tan. It also improves general well-being and energy levels, while preventing potential inflammatory damage caused by the sun.

According to Givaudan Active Beauty, the results of the first clinical trial demonstrated a remarkable change in phototype in 76 % of participants in just seven days, moving from phototype II to phototype III, and of these, 40 % even moved to a darker phototype IV, compared with 0 % in the placebo group. In a second clinical trial involving volunteers experiencing seasonal mood changes due to lack of sunlight, Neuroglow reduced fatigue, increased feelings of affection and improved the "winter blues", with over 80 % of volunteers reporting a positive score.

"Our Green Fractionation R&D scientists have identified and optimized a plant-derived active ingredient offering an unprecedented solution to mimic all the positive effects of sunlight. Of 100% natural origin and Cosmos-compliant, Neuroglow prepares the skin for sun exposure, promotes a healthier tanning process and even protects the skin from the potential side effects of overexposure. The result? A healthy glow and enhanced well-being all year round, even when combined with SPF, highlighting the benefits of the sun."says Bénédicte Sennelier-Portet, R&D Green Fractionation Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Biomimetic silk

Thanks to cutting-edge biotechnologies, Givaudan Active Beauty has also developed an optimized sequence of silk proteins, produced by fermentation, to create Silk-iCare - a pure biomimetic silk with remarkable film-forming properties, according to its creators.

Silk-iCare forms an invisible yet robust film on the skin, providing immediate benefits in terms of protection and recovery. On application, it creates a uniform 3D fibrillar network on the skin's surface, guaranteeing performance without residue or cracking on drying. Its unique hydrogel structure, derived from natural silk, offers a thixotropic characteristic, enabling smoother application and a breathable, non-sticky finish.

Givaudan Active Beauty claims that Silk-iCare's effectiveness is immediate, offering anti-pollution and skin recovery benefits. Thanks to its physical mode of action, Silk-iCare forms a protective barrier that eliminates over 96 % of pollution particles.

The company reports that clinical studies have demonstrated a significant seven-fold reduction in pore size, as early as 15 minutes after application. Over time, Silk-iCare's restorative properties trigger a twofold reduction in inflammatory flare-ups, perfecting the skin.

"We are delighted to introduce Silk-iCare, the pioneering vegan silk veil designed to protect and repair skin.comments Romain Reynaud, Research & Development Manager. With its biomimetic structure, Silk-iCare is a remarkable skin perfector, thanks to its exceptional film-forming properties. Acting like an invisible bandage, Silk-iCare offers all-in-one anti-pollution, rapid repair and make-up-fixing benefits. "

Givaudan Active Beauty presents its new ingredients and associated marketing concepts (S3D® BlissFul Vibes and S3D Wonder Veil) at In-Cosmetics Global, which runs in Paris until April 18. Its digital platform, dedicated to cosmetic ingredients, also provides further information.

1. Mead N. Environ Health Perspect, 2008 May; 116(5):A197)

2. Givaudan Active Beauty CMI study

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