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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Homage to a contemporary delicacy

Maison Berger Paris, a French heritage brand that celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2018, has created a rounded bottle that is inspired by the brand's classic codes, while adding refined and delicate details, thus paying a true tribute to a contemporary delicacy. The preciousness of the materials and the juxtaposed colors offer a very nice graphic effect.

The design was made by Rozenn Mainguené, who has been creating and drawing for 20 years for the world of luxury and beauty. The fragrance “Fleurs de Musc” gives off a protective and diffused heat of tuberose to enhance the home.

And it is to Stoelzle Masnières that the brand has once again entrusted the production of this hollowed-out faceted bottle. A choice of high-end glass (Luxe N ° 1) on which a very trendy "nude" lacquer has been affixed.

Capacity: 350 ml

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