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Thursday October 5, 2023
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The young brand Kreme supports local agriculture

Since the sanitary crisis, 82 % of the French prefer to buy products of French origin. Their main motivation is to support French farmers in their daily consumption.

This trend, which is increasingly widespread in the food sector, is now affecting cosmetics. With this in mind, Krème proposes a new generation of cosmetics, produced in a short circuit. "We must go further than Made in France, which is no longer enough in cosmetics. Because what's the point of formulating in France care products that only contain ingredients from the other side of the world?". The co-founders of Krème, Juliette Lailler and Marie Belile explain: the French preference in the choice of the circuit of creation and production of a cosmetic is a key value. It is from this observation and this will that they created their range of fresh, organic, healthy and local care.

Cosmetics thanks to the short circuit

Krème offers a new generation of cosmetics and relaunches fresh productions every 10 weeks; a frequency that contrasts with the two years that pass on average between the manufacture and use of a conventional cosmetic. This is made possible thanks to active ingredients that are exclusively sourced from organic farmers in short circuits.

As an example, and in a move to support new agricultural sectors, Krème has chosen to support Aurore Cottrel, a farmer in Normandy. After the death of her husband, Aurore took over the family farm and decided to diversify into woad. This plant made the fortune of many towns in the north of France in the Middle Ages: a blue pigment was extracted from it that colored the skies of churches and clothes. Long supplanted by Indian indigo, woad, prized for its cosmetic virtues, is just beginning to be reintroduced in France... and could become colorful again! Kreme supports Aurore's project by providing financial support for this reintroduction, and by studying with her the market opportunities for the launch of a care product planned for 2022.

A commitment that makes sense to consumers

Since its launch at the end of 2020, Krème has not stopped seducing new consumers. After a remarkable campaign on Ulule (Brand #1 of Ulule on the beauty segment), the young brand doubles its turnover every month via its website, online since last December. This rapid growth has enabled it to join Station F, the world's largest incubator.

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