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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Inauguration of the Cosmetomics @ Normandie Technological Platform

The safety and performance of cosmetic products are essential values of The Made in France that the Cosmetic Valley intends to promote. To this end, the Competitiveness Hub has launched the COSMETOMICS platform network, which allows companies in the sector to access cutting-edge technologies and participate in the development of new instruments and methods of measurement and testing. The challenges are many: characterizing the product, studying the skin, measuring skin-product-environment interactions, assessing product safety and safety for users. ... Dedicated to measuring skin-product interactions with the aim of measuring their effectiveness, the first platform [email protected] was inaugurated in Cergy-Pontoise in 2016. In 2017, the network will be enriched with a second platform: [email protected] dedicated to measuring the safety and safety of cosmetic products.

Cosmetic Safety: A Strategic Area of Excellence for Cosmetic Valley

Established in Normandy since 2005, the Cosmetic Valley Competitiveness Centre shares with the Region a strategy of territorial excellence on the theme of security. Indeed, a concentration of know-how on this theme justifies this thematic positioning for the pole. The inauguration of the [email protected] platform is a concrete illustration of this. It follows the development, on the Ebroïcien website, of the expertise of the academic and private research network on health security (chemical and microbiological) dating back to the 2000s. Intimately linked to the economic development of the region, these skills were identified in the regional smart specialisations registered at the European level in 2013.

In this dynamic, four structures have been created:
▪ Cosmetolab, launched in 2014, the first industrial driver for the treatment and packaging of cosmetics without preservatives.
[email protected], a platform dedicated to measuring the safety and safety of cosmetic products.
▪ The Carnot I2C springboard: an academic research network in Normandy, part of which will be in the cosmetics sector (inauguration at the end of October 2017)
▪ The Normandy Health Security Centre on the University Campus of Evreux
(inauguration at the end of 2017)

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