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Cosmetic 360 has awarded these cosmetic innovation awards

Inaugurated by Benjamin Griveaux, Secretary of State for the Economy and Finance, The Cosmetic 360 international trade show was an opportunity to reward those involved in cosmetics innovation. Five awards were presented on Wednesday October 18 at a ceremony chaired by Patrick Beau, Vice-President of Cosmetic Valley and Director of the Spincontrol laboratory, to recognize the finest innovations proposed by exhibitors in each of the show's five expert trails. The winners were chosen by a jury of leading industry journalists on the basis of the innovation totem displayed on the stands. Three finalists were selected in each of the expert tracks by the jury members, who together selected the five winners.

Raw materials : Winner Adwatis (Switzerland)
When pH12 ionized water becomes a more effective cosmetic product... 100% safe, non-chemical, non-toxic, 100% pure: no preservatives, surfactants or emulsifiers. 100% performs in terms of: skin cleansing, anti-bacterial effect, cellular pH rebalancing. With the help of its Japanese partner and scientific experts, Adwatis offers a new generation of innovative products in the form of ionized water.

Formulation & Production : Winner Laboratoire BF International (France)
Renowned for its innovative textures for over 15 years, this independent laboratory has perfected a high-pressure process that allows formulation without skin-aggressive surfactants. Vectorization of lipophilic or hydrophilic active ingredients. Biomimetic: creates a hydrolipidic film.
Bioavailable: vectorization of active ingredients. Controlled penetration for greater safety. The bioavailability of our emulsions enables us to target the different layers of the skin, boosting the efficacy of the incorporated active ingredients.

Packaging & Conditioning : Winner Eurovetrocap Spa (Italy)
Infini-Pack is a product made with 90%, 75% recycled bottles of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic and glass waste, enabling a reduction of 36.5% in tons of CO2 per ton of containers manufactured. This family-owned company, which has specialized for over 30 years in the design and marketing of complete ranges of glass and plastic packaging, has made huge investments in renewable energy sources with the aim of reducing its environmental footprint - in particular its CO2 emissions - and meeting the growing sustainability needs of cosmetics brands.

Test & Analysis : Winner Aryballe Technologies (France)
www. aryballe-technologies.com
In less than two years, this Grenoble-based start-up founded in 2014 has developed NeOSe, an electronic nose, the first universal odor sensor that mimics human olfactory receptors Odor identification in 30 seconds. Technology as close as possible to the human olfactory experience. Reference odor database tailored to each customer's needs. Lightweight, portable device that's easy to move around. For quality control and R&D acceleration.

Support for the cosmetics industry: winner Ecomundo (France)
The Product Information File (PIF) that every manufacturer is required to compile is a key element in the marketing of any cosmetic product. Cosmetics manufacturers must guarantee that their products comply with regulatory requirements, present no health hazards, and have been manufactured in compliance with the European Cosmetics Regulation. Thanks to its toxicological database of over 3,500 ingredients and its automated cosmetics regulatory watch, this SME, which has opened an office in Vancouver, creates, manages and edits Product Information Dossiers (PIDs) and secures the data of customers who subcontract the complex compilation of these PIDs to it.

Jury of the 2017 awards

Françoise ALBASINI editor-in-chief - EMBALLAGE DIGEST
Ariane GOLDET, Beauty Editor - MARIE CAIRE
Sylvie VAZ, journalist - COSMETIQUE MAG


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