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Industry: a perfumer makes production and cleaning of its facilities more reliable with a new hose

Aflex Hose's Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose technology selected in a luxury perfumer's production workshop

Aflex Hose, the world's leading manufacturer of coated PTFE flexible tubing, equips a fluid transfer line at one of the world's leading manufacturers of coated PTFE tubing. perfumer in France. Aflex's technology was chosen because it was the only one that fully met the needs of the application.

The production site, which has been using Aflex Bioflex Ultra since 2018, has specialized since 2004 in the manufacture and packaging of fragrances with or without alcohol, but also cosmetics such as milks for the body lotions or make-up remover. The plant does not use CIP cleaning, so the fluid transfer hoses had to withstand passages of 95° alcohol and steam. The working pressure is 7 bar. The existing silicone hoses, from a competitor's manufacturer, posed resistance problems: they oozed, leaked and the internal parts degraded due to the sterilization cleaning process (SIP). This is why the perfumer wanted to change supplier. ATEX and FDA certifications were required.
Aflex Hose, from Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group, has proposed the Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose for biotech and pharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. Featuring a smooth PTFE inner body for resistance-free flow and easy cleaning, Bioflex Ultra was chosen for its excellent resistance to chemicals over a wide range of operating temperatures, and for its great flexibility in achieving minimal bending radii. Equipped with PTFE-coated Tri-Clamp sanitary fittings, Bioflex Ultra is ATEX and FDA certified, which was not the case for the competing products on the market. The perfumer was already familiar with the quality of Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group's equipment, since the site was already using CERTA 250 and 701 pumps with BioPure Q-clamp fittings for other applications.

A conclusive one-month trial was carried out with mascaraincluding daily cleaning. The chosen solution proved to be effective and fully in line with the application's requirements.

Patented PTFE design

Aflex Hose's PTFE hoses are the result of a combination of expert engineering and materials knowledge, and the manufacturer is recognized as a pioneer in this field. Thanks to its patented PTFE inner body, Bioflex Ultra boasts excellent chemical and steam resistance, thus eliminating the resistance problems posed by competing hoses. Studies have shown that PTFE outperforms rubber, silicone and PVC in similar applications.
In the model chosen by the perfumer, the Bioflex Ultra is configured GP AS SS RC with PTFE-lined Tri-Clamp fittings, the PTFE inner lining is enriched with 2.5 % carbon, providing antistatic properties. Watson Marlow had pointed out that some of the products used (e.g. cream for the face) and their cleaning process exposed them to the risk of static discharge and hose failure.

Bioflex Ultra's patented PTFE inner-body design allows it to expand on the outside and compress on the inside of an elbow. This maintains a smooth, circular internal geometry throughout the pipe, without deformation. Its PTFE-lined sanitary Tri-Clamp fitting is a unique design that behaves like a seal, with no flow restrictions or retention zones, eliminating the risk of contamination since only PTFE comes into contact with process fluids.
The structure features a smooth inner lining to ensure cleanliness, performance and resistance to high pressures and temperatures from -73°C to 260°C. Cleaning capacity and steam resistance guarantee compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards.
The PTFE inner lining is reinforced with a helical coil and a braid, both in 316 stainless steel, followed by a blue EPDM outer lining, marked to EN16643 and benefiting from several approvals. The hoses are manufactured without the use of adhesives between the various layers, eliminating any possibility of contamination. This structure gives the hose a high degree of flexibility and resistance to torsion, reducing bending and eliminating cracks.
The hoses supplied are 10 m long, with a nominal inside diameter of 19 mm, and a test resistance of 16 bar (tested at 32 bar). The perfumer selected Aflex's Bioflex Ultra technology for its unique advantages, certifications, reduced bending radius and 2-year warranty.

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