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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Les Senteurs Gourmandes launches three new boxes for Mother's Day

On the occasion of Mother's Day, the brand The Gourmet Scents launches its new sets composed of an eau de parfum and a dry oil, to please all mothers. Worked with one of the greatest perfume houses of Grasse and manufactured in the South-West of France, the products of the brand combine refinement and naturalness.

The Gourmet Scentsinspired by nature

Since 2000, The Gourmet Scents imagines unique and generous fragrances, and carefully selects its ingredients of natural origin: first quality fruit and flower essences, to create gourmand and refined perfumes, and formulas elaborated with natural alcohol 100% to respect the skin.

Through the exploration of different olfactory families, bewitching spices, elegant woods, tangy fruits, addictive flowers or comforting vanillas, Les Senteurs Gourmandes invites you to gourmet and sensory journeys.

A committed brand: The Gourmet Scents aspires to respect its commitments from the formulation to the manufacturing of its products. Respecting health by choosing natural ingredients; implementing eco-committed actions on the production site; creating recyclable packaging; and building sustainable relationships with local partners are fundamental values of its identity.

Three gourmet boxes in honor of mothers

To combine optimism and good humor

A luxurious fusion of sweet and refreshing scents: the brand offers a delicious and bewitching fragrance combining bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom, with
notes of vanilla and white musk. The eau de parfum is accompanied by a dry oil
certified organic origin 100% natural to sublimate hair and body.

The comforting and cocooning duo

At The Gourmet ScentsReunion Island vanilla is an essential ingredient that has become the symbol of the brand. This intense and greedy duo is the result of a balanced and emotionally charged olfactory composition. The soft oil rich in jojoba oil accompanies the eau de parfum to nourish and illuminate the skin.

An invitation to serenity

The box invites meditation: green tea, harmonized with the delicate essence of rose and a hint of minty freshness, helps to escape; the tones of vetiver and the combination of amber and musk awaken the senses. The organic dry oil for body and hair complements the eau de parfum, for a true moment of calm and well-being.

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