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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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In'Pressive nail, the reinvented nail polish


In'Pressive is the result of the agreement between the creation of the Centdegrés Agency and the businesses of the Pochet Group (glass, plastic, metal). A new era of design is opening up in the world of perfume and beauty, allowing the interior shape of the bottle to be sculpted with as much freedom as the exterior shape.

Imagined for the world of beauty, In'Pressive allows you to sculpt color, to magnify it in an unprecedented way, by making the varnish even more desirable. The bottle becomes a vector of emotional communication and real differentiation for brands, essential elements in an ultra-competitive market.

This series of nail polish bottles designed by the Pochet Group and Centdegrés offers a version that is both gourmet and luxurious. It is up to each brand to imagine its own story ...

Find In'Pressive Nail and the other innovations and creations of the Pochet Group on the PCD stand N ° B62.

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