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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Inspiration 2022, the new collection of Gattefossé formulations

It is on the theme of escape that Gattefossé has launched its new Inspiration 2022 collection, Escapism, an invitation to dream of new destinations while rethinking the way you travel. The Gattefossé application laboratory has developed practical and innovative formulas in the form of solid, more durable textures to accompany travelers in their new adventures.

"Inspiration is a collection of formulas whose purpose is, as its name suggests, to inspire formulators by highlighting Gattefossé ingredients whose limits we push in formulation. Each year, we reflect on one or more themes that will illustrate our new formulas. The idea is for our teams to give free rein to their imagination and creativity, to offer original and surprising formulas while respecting our charter in terms of naturalness and sustainability," says Flora Bollon, Texture & Applications Product Manager at Gattefossé.

Cosmetics adapted to travel

Solid cosmetics is not only a recent trend, it is part of a global movement to protect the planet by reducing the overall environmental impact, including beauty.

Solid cosmetics have many advantages and their characteristics are suitable for travel. Easily transportable, they are smaller and lighter than conventional versions. They are also multifunctional, with a size that can be adapted to the duration of the trip and leave no waste behind.

Escapism, a kit composed of five new formulas

This year, Gattefossé has developed five formulations: Magma Mask, a mask in the form of surprising black pebbles; Everything Balm, a multifunctional anhydrous balm; Softer Skin Stick, a scrub in the form of a stick for more practicality; Scalp & Body Scrub, an exfoliating wax that rinses easily; and finally Slide n' Foam, a solid facial cleanser that invites to a new gesture.

Magma Mask: solid black pebbles

Magma Mask is a 98% natural mask that comes in the form of surprising black solid pebbles. A pebble represents a dose of product, which makes it possible to take only the necessary amount with you. First, crumble a pebble in the palm of your hand, then take a small amount of Everything Balm (or failing that hot water). Mix until you get a thick black mask to spread directly on the skin and rinse after 10 minutes.

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