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Inspiration 2024: Gattefossé launches its collection of innovative formulas

For its new collection of seven inspiring formulas, Gattefossé places 2024 under the sign of "Renaissance". Between reality and imagination, the company, which produces cosmetic ingredients of natural origin, envisions a dreamlike world where nature mingles with magic for a new beginning.

The French and American Gattefossé applications laboratories spent a year co-developing these formulas, whose main aim is to stimulate the imagination and explore new horizons. "For this new Inspiration 2024 edition, we have developed the "Renaissance" concept like a fairy tale. The story begins in the depths of the forest, a natural source of renewal where positive benefits manifest themselves on our well-being, reconnecting us to our roots. It's a true rebirth, a reconnection between human beings and their environment. The story continues by drawing on the imagination, reviving the inner child with magic and wonder.says Marine Lochouarn, Marketing Engineer at Gattefossé France.

Among this collection of formulas, for example, is Redness Rescue Paste, an all-in-one formula offering both visual and sensorial transformation. As soon as you use it, this paste turns into a cream that's easy to apply and spread, and its color instantly transforms from green to beige. Revealing the distinctive properties of Gattefossé's Emulium Illustro W/O emulsifier, this product not only corrects redness, but also covers and evens out skin tone. 

Dreamy Cloud Cream, for its part, is a cream that aims to astonish with both its airy texture and its whipped pale pink appearance. According to Gattefossé, "a feeling of nebulous lightness." For this formula, Emulium Dolcea MB emulsion provides hydration and softness thanks to its fluffy texture. "The sensation of weightlessness, similar to floating in the clouds, is enhanced by the presence of Elevastin, an active ingredient with anti-gravity properties.adds Gattefossé.

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