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Home fragrances: +6% growth for sensory escape

There is no season more conducive to feeling good at home than winter. As the cold weather settles in, opportunities to go out become rarer in favor of creating a home that reflects your image and your mood. Among the cocooning tricks, the interior perfuming!

Scented candles, pebbles, essential oil or perfume diffusers... Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Air-care market[1] is experiencing strong growth worldwide, estimated at over 6.4% between 2020 and 2021[2]. In Europe, the English and Germans are the biggest fans... followed closely by the French!

If perfuming one's interior was once an original decorative inspiration or a functional tool against certain odors, today it is a real lifestyle trend. This practice accompanies both the desire to sanitize the space in which we live, with plant extracts in particular, and above all a need to escape through the diffusion of pleasant scents.

In fact, according to the study Les Français et les odeurs[3]The 75% of those who perfume their homes are above all seeking to create a personalized and reassuring atmosphere linked to emotion. The sense of smell is, in fact, the most developed sense in humans with 35% of memory recognition[4]. Directly linked to the limbic system of our brain, it provokes in everyone - in a conscious or imperceptible way - the reappearance of intimate memories.

Faced with this growing demand, many premium and luxury perfumery brands are thinking about the best ways to subtly diffuse their essences indoors. Many are turning to new technological innovations in order to offer ever more efficient fragrance diffusers. Electric, intelligent and connected, they will be a safer alternative to scented candles tomorrow.

Diptyque is a perfect example. Renowned worldwide for its scented candles, the brand has turned to ScentysScentys, a French company that is a pioneer in new dry fragrance diffusion processes and the owner of several worldwide patents, to define and technically integrate its exclusive know-how into a new diffuser for the home. Scentys has invented the capsule perfume for a dry, quality and safe diffusion.

Drawing on its technological expertise and knowledge of perfumery, Scentys has provided Diptyque with all its design, engineering and industrialization know-how for the first capsule perfume dispenser " Un Air de Diptyque ". A sophisticated object, it uses the air as a vector that passes through the perfumed cartridges to render each creation with accuracy and quality. The collection of cartridges is enriched year after year. Today there are 9 of them, in the form of highly concentrated pearls of perfume that faithfully reproduce each note of the fragrance.

Fig tree, Orange blossom, Mimosa... thanks to its success, the Diptyque brand has also extended the use of these cartridges to other diffusion systems such as wall outlets and car diffusers so that you can take your favorite fragrance with you everywhere.

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2. Source: Mintel MS / Nielsen Insight
3. Study conducted in December 2019 by PRS in Vivo
4. Source: Rockefeller University - NYC study

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