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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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ISIPCA hosts the 2nd edition of the Corpo 35 competition sponsored by Robertet

For the second year, Isipca welcomes the candidates of the Corpo35 perfume formulation competition at its premises in Versailles. Created by the rare perfume store “35 rue Damiette” in Rouen, this competition aims to bring out talents. Isipca, the first international perfume, cosmetics and food flavoring training school, provides its prestigious premises and laboratories within the framework of this partnership. The candidates, accompanied by the partners of this operation, will be welcomed on Monday, October 16.
SIPCA actively supports competitions to discover new perfumers or quite simply to exhibit new innovations. This approach complements its vocation to train young people in scientific and commercial olfactory professions, in Bac to Bac + 6 level courses in initial training, and adults in continuing training.
The school is very proud of its learners: During the 1st edition, Anne Dussourt, Isipca student in Master in formulation and sensory evaluation, climbed to the top step of the podium. Four young talents, students or former Isipca students, were among the five winners of the competition.
Corpo 35 was created by the “35 Damiette” perfume house. Located in the antiques district in Rouen, it is a place of olfactory experience, a place of encounters with the world of perfumes steeped in history. The boutique offers exclusive fragrances and the latest creations from renowned “noses” and perfumers.
The competition is sponsored this year by the company Robertet, world leader in sustainable natural raw materials, alongside the partners of the 2018 edition: Centdegrés, Isipca, Jovoy, Maison de Parfum Berry, Saverglass, Aaptar, Arcange, Au Parfum, Cosmed , Ecomundo, Eurobougie, Incarta, Pole Pass, NormandyY Frenchtech, Spread.

“We love, we support. Encouraging vocations is a challenge. Isipca provides active support, in particular through our logistical and scientific skills to the Corpo35 competition. Bringing out new talent is an integral part of our DNA. The development of creativity is one of the key elements of perfumery. It is also a skill that we develop in our students who are destined for olfactory professions. »Cécile Ecalle, Director Isipca.

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