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Jeanne de Provence launches Dame Jeanne, the natural and committed perfume

Legend has it that in 1347, Queen Jeanne, driven out of her kingdom of Naples, went to Provence. Surprised by a violent storm, she took refuge in the home of a glassmaker who fell under her charm and created a bottle in her effigy, calling it Dame Jeanne. This woman with an incredible personality, renowned for her intelligent reign, her probity, her generosity and her simplicity is at the origin of this new collection.

A natural and committed perfume

This trilogy of perfumes is composed has 90% of ingredients of natural origin.
All 3 fragrances are free of dyes and UV filters. They are made from flowers, natural beet alcohol, mandarin, sweet orange and blood orange essence harvested in a sustainable way in Italy. The packaging is eco-designed with an FSC-certified recyclable cardboard box, a recyclable and refillable glass bottle and a screw-on pump.

Invitation for every woman to believe in herself

These 3 perfumes are the signature of a new model of contemporary femininity. Universal fragrances created by a woman perfumer from Grasse, for women who are true to themselves, committed and free.

Dame Jeanne Nude

Luminous and floral, Dame Jeanne Nude eau de parfum, composed of 90 % of natural ingredients, reveals fresh and fruity notes of lychee and blood orange, sprinkled with rose petals. Its woody and immaculate heart of lily of the valley gives way to musky white wood notes, revealing a natural femininity.

Dame Jeanne Velvet

Floral and fruity, Dame Jeanne Velvet perfume water composed of 90 % of ingredients of natural origin opens with fresh and sweet notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and pear. The heart of the fragrance develops around a bouquet of jasmine, neroli and lily of the valley flowers. In the base, woody and musky notes reveal a daring femininity.

Dame Jeanne Intense

Sensual and fruity, Dame Jeanne Intense eau de parfum is composed of 90 % of natural ingredients and reveals fresh and tangy notes of apple, blackcurrant and sweet orange accentuated by a floral and fruity heart of jasmine and sweet plum. Carried by intense woody notes of sandalwood and benzoin, the fragrance closes with sweet notes of patchouli, revealing a sensual femininity.

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