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Tuesday August 9th, 2022
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Kube, new glass bottles


The name is quite evocative: Kube. And this is no coincidence. Indeed, the two new 30ml bottles from Lumson are a tribute to the iconic geometric shape that, through its simplicity and purity, has given life to many interpretations in art and design.

The cube, a source of inspiration

The minimalism of the cube is the springboard to unleash creativity; its pure silhouette is the source of inspiration to look for new combinations and new materials. This happens in art, design and decoration.

The solid shape, the essential contours and the modularity that characterize the cube lend themselves to new forms of interpretation and this geometric shape is transformed into a precious source of inspiration for cult objects: from the Brionvega radio to the iconic Rubik cube, from the architecture of Le Corbusier to the two-dimensional works of Sol Lewitt.

Even urban architecture seems to have been heavily inspired by the solid geometry of the cube. Modularity, one of the key elements of the composition, becomes the cornerstone of buildings and skyscrapers inspired by metabolism, a movement that mixes metropolitan mega-buildings with vegetation.

Kube, new bottles

To celebrate the cube and its modernity, Lumson has created two new 30 ml glass bottles: H Kube and IT-Kube. Same inspiration, a different silhouette.

H Kube has a more slender shape, while IT-Kube is more compact. In Kube, the cap and bottle blend into each other, resulting in a new shape, refined by rounded corners and a harmonious silhouette, easy to use and perfect for skincare and makeup products.

Luxury is in the details – Lumson knows this well – and to give prestige to the bottle and highlight the product it contains, the company decided to manufacture the bottles in thick glass.

H Kube and IT-Kube can be combined with different dispensing systems (pump/drop) for optimal product distribution.

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