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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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The 5th class of the Beauty Hub will join Cosmetic Valley's acceleration program in September 2022

Born in 2020 out of a collective drive to stimulate innovation in the perfumery-cosmetics sector, the Beauty Hub was created by Cosmetic Valley with the support of a consortium of eight industry heavyweights: Aircos, Aptar, Chanel, L'Oréal, LVMH, MS Beautilab, Nippon Shikizai, Yves Rocher. It offers innovative start-ups a sector-specific acceleration program with a comprehensive package of services covering all areas of innovation: discovery, experimentation, skills development, financing...

2 promotions each year, 20 start-ups accelerated since 2020

Based in Chartres, the Beauty Hub welcomes two groups of 5 to 10 start-ups each year. Each promotion is supported over a 6-month program including mentoring, thematic workshops (Strategy, Intellectual Property and Valorization, Formulation, Industrialization, Marketing, Communication, Regulatory, Financing, Distribution, International Development) and technical expertise.

At the end of the six-month period, the Beauty Hub gives start-ups access to a financing committee made up of private and public players, investment funds and its own Cosmetic Angels (more than 40 private investors) to help them raise initial funds.
Cosmetic Valley is currently inviting applications for the 5th Beauty Hub class, which will join the acceleration program in September.
Selected on the basis of an application and a presentation pitch, start-ups must propose a project that meets the various innovation challenges facing the perfumery and cosmetics industry: digitalization, naturalness, renewed distribution...

Applicants can come from all over France and abroad.

About the 4th Beauty Hub class

Supported by Neovix B2oscience, these 5 start-ups from all over France and abroad joined the Beauty Hub in February 2022:
O My Note: a Paris-based start-up that combines emotions and perfumery. Thanks to a technology based on Artificial Intelligence, the O My Note application deciphers emotions into fragrance compounds.
- Alpha Chitin: start-up from Nouvelle Aquitaine, a biosourced chemistry company that manufactures plant-based chitosans for high-end markets.
- PulpoAr : start-up specializing in augmented reality, which develops solutions for testing make-up, hair color and nail polish products in-store or on e-commerce.
- GK Concept : Paris-based start-up with production facilities in Eure-et-Loir, developing innovative merchandising solutions
- Lao care : Alsace-based start-up specializing in hemp-based hair care, committed to naturalness and transparency.

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