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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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The Federation of Beauty Companies launches an Instagram account to unravel the fake on cosmetics

The Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) announces the launch of its Instagram account @leLabdeClaire, an educational information tool for all those looking for reliable and verified information on cosmetic products.
On @LeLabdeClaire, FEBEA experts answer questions consumers have about the composition of cosmetic products, their regulations, their effectiveness, their uses or their links with health and the environment. This information, verified by the FEBEA's scientific advisers, is expressed in an educational form leaving room for scientific precision, while borrowing the codes specific to Instagram: quiz, words of experts, infographics, videos etc.
By speaking on this social network, FEBEA wishes to reach a younger audience and offer them reliable and verified content on cosmetic products. As Patrick O'Quin, president of FEBEA, explains: “Instagram has become essential for brands as well as for influencers and consumers of cosmetic products. The problem is that the worst and the best are mixed together, often with erroneous remarks, false expertise, even dangerous advice for health. With “Le Lab de Claire”, the FEBEA wishes to provide reliable and transparent information on regulatory and scientific as well as environmental or legal subjects ”. The opportunity to disentangle the true from the false, to bounce back on topical issues and to give voice to both professionals in the sector and consumers.

The first theme addressed by the Instagram account was on the subject of hydroalcoholic gels: what are their ingredients? how to use them in the sun? The account also deals with the theme of sun protection: consumers will be able to find out all about the SPFs and phototypes corresponding to each type of skin or know the difference between UVA and UVB. The upcoming themes will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of DIY, the truth about aluminum salts or even counterfeit cosmetic products.

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