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BDK Parfums unveils its new "Pas ce soir extrait" fragrance

"For me, Pas ce soir is a fragrance with a very assertive trail and signature. It has a mischievous side with its addictive facets, which enabled me to work on this spiced quince chutney accord to draw the curves of a new delicacy. For its extract version, I wanted to enrich its chypre structure with a strong intensity of patchouli overdose carried by a bewitching jasmine that combines with this hint of quince chutney. This characteristic note gradually gives way to the fuller-bodied, resinoid cocoa to create a deeply carnal and sensual signature".explains Violaine Collas, the Mane perfumer behind the fragrance.

Presented in 2016 at the launch of the house of BDK Parfums, Pas ce soir immediately seduced with its very floral, gourmand and chypre structure. For this second extract from the Collection Parisienne, David Benedek, founder of BDK Parfums, wanted to offer a more concentrated version of this floral chypre, bringing a more colorful tone to the original creation. 

"A lover of painting since I was a child, I love the notions of color and texture, which I like to transpose into perfumery whenever possible. With Violaine Collas, we sought to make Pas ce soir more faceted, so that this new version would be even more addictive and delicious. To achieve this, we added cocoa and patchouli, which together bring intensity and depth to the composition.says David Benedek.

"Pas ce soir extrait outlines the curves of a new, infinitely mysterious delicacy. Intriguing as an enigma to be deciphered, it becomes ultra addictive. An image I wanted to capture through the full-bodied intensity of resinoid cocoa and the woody richness of Gayo Pure Jungle Essence patchouli. An olfactory writing whose overdose is carried by a bewitching jasmine absolute that combines with a hint of quince chutney to create a deeply carnal and sensual signature".emphasizes Violaine Collas.

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