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Aptar Beauty's new aerosol range with twist-to-lock technology

Aptar Beauty, a global specialist in dispensing systems, has created a new range of aerosol dispensers that do not require a cap, thanks to twist-to-lock technology. Ringo, Nora and Tina - whose names pay tribute to iconic artists - expertly dispense mousse, gel and spray formulas, covering all the main aerosol applications. The range offers premium aesthetics, e-commerce compatibility and recycled material options.

Twist-to-lock technology eliminates the need for a cover, and therefore the risk of losing it in the wild. This makes for greater convenience and reduces the number of detachable parts. Operation is simple and intuitive: the diffusers are locked and unlocked by a simple rotary movement. An audible click indicates when they are correctly closed. The locking and unlocking system also limits the risk of breakage or leakage, making this range compatible with e-commerce and safe to take with you wherever you go. What's more, the anti-slip ridges ensure a firm grip in dry or damp areas, such as in the shower.

These three diffusers feature an ultra-modern design, with simple, clean lines and a matte finish. Their two-part composition allows a two-tone design for greater creative freedom. Taken as a whole, they are imbued with minimalist elegance. Ringo, Nora and Tina can be supplied with a POM-free mechanism made from 100 % PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic).

This range of twist-to-lock aerosols is compatible with a ball valve, a vertical valve or a pouch valve, with two different skirt lengths (short and long).

Production for these broadcasters will begin in 2024.

Suitable for shaving and styling products, as well as shower gel and foam, Ringo will be available with two different types of nozzle, one for foam, the other for gel.

Nora features a small, elegant nozzle for gel application. This aerosol is designed for use with shaving products or shower gel.

Tina is a spray dispenser suitable for formulas such as hairspray, deodorant and sun or body sprays.

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