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Coverpla supports Essential Parfums' move to refillable products

When a young brand becomes famous for its commitment to reinventing haute parfumerie by making it accessible and eco-responsible, Coverpla makes a point of accompanying it in the development of its packaging. From a fixed-ring Gala bottle, originally adopted by the brand, Coverpla has turned it into a refillable model, driving its industrial transformation.

In 2018, Essential Parfums broke new ground with its first line of eco-responsible fragrances, each signed by a major name in French perfumery. This range of fragrances features affordable bottles whose minimalist design lets the juice and its perfumer take center stage. 

From the outset, Géraldine Archambault, the brand's founder, set her sights on the Gala bottle in a unique 100 ml format. Designed by Coverpla, it is manufactured by Italian glassmaker Luigi Bormioli. 

A big leap towards rechargeable

In keeping with the eco-design approach so dear to the company, the eight fragrances in the collection are now being transferred to a bottle that the designer hopes will be "infinitely refillable". 

The result is the new Gala 100 ml with screw neck (CV15). Coverpla piloted its industrial development with its glassmaking partner Bormioli Luigi. The brand has also designed a series of 150-ml aluminum refills to be purchased in stores or online.

"We're proud to have been able to solve our customer's equation: switch to refillable functionality without creating a break with the bottle's identity to which consumers are loyal."comments Florence Ghilardi, the company's Sales Director. 

"Without the invaluable help and professionalism of the Coverpla teams, Essential Parfums could never have taken off so well! This business model is unique for any brand wishing to launch.adds Géraldine Archambault, the brand's founder.

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