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Lancôme, new member of Grasse Expertise

Grasse Expertise, the territorial and collective brand for the four sectors of excellence in the Grasse region - perfumery, food flavors, cosmetics and health & well-being - now counts Lancôme among its 52 committed members.

"Lancôme is proud to be a member of the Grasse Expertise regional brand, which brings together professionals from the perfume, aroma, cosmetics, health & well-being industries based in the region, says Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme International General Manager. Through this membership, Lancôme is strengthening its roots in the Grasse region, and demonstrating its commitment to protecting the region's unique assets and promoting the perfume-related expertise of the Pays de Grasse".

The luxury brand joins a group of professionals with emblematic expertise and strong regional commitments.

Jérôme Viaud, Mayor of Grasse and President of the Communauté d'agglomération du Pays de Grasse, explains: "The Pays de Grasse is delighted to welcome Lancôme, one of the world's leading luxury beauty brands, to its land. Lancôme recently acquired an agricultural estate in Grasse: Domaine de la Rose by Lancôme. Lancôme's commitment to strengthening its roots in the region is underpinned by its active membership of Grasse Expertise. The territorial brand represents a strategic territorial challenge and an approach to sustainable economic development that we strongly value.

Michel Gschwind, President of the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse and bearer of the Grasse Expertise brand, explains: "Lancôme joins a group of companies who share the same pride in belonging to our exceptional region, which is distinguished by its cultural, artisanal and industrial wealth, as much as by its terroir. It is on this foundation of values and commitments that the Grasse Expertise brand is embodied to provide solutions to the many challenges we face in this 21st century."

The Lancôme site comprises four hectares of organically farmed fields, centuries-old terraces and a distillery. Lancôme also farms land in Grasse where Centifolia rose, jasmine and lavender are grown. The unique geographical location of the Grasse basin combined with climatic influences give life to flowers of exceptional quality. Members of Grasse Expertise will be able to preview the Domaine de la Rose. 

Resolutely focused on sustainable innovation and naturalness, Grasse Expertise's professional approach reinforces the recognition of the "Savoir-faire lié au Parfum en Pays Grassois" registered on November 28, 2018 by Unesco's Intergovernmental Committee for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

To date, Grasse Expertise has 52 professionals representing over 4,000 employees, with sales of 1 billion euros from the industry's various fields of expertise.

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