The Cosfibel Group diversifies its materials offer


CSR commitment obliges, Cosfibel continues its investments and its innovations in eco-compatible materials: cardboard, wood, new plastics… In this context, the Spanish site of Grumbe, specialist in plastic cases and sleeves, now works with completely recycled materials and enriches its productions with cardboard boxes and mounted boxes.

With this in mind for the group's research and development, the Grumbe plant highlights recycled materials in all their forms. It offers brands the opportunity to work with a PET-PCR containing 85% of material from packaging recycling. For more transparency, the Spanish site also offers an RPET containing 70% from its production to which it adds 30% of virgin resin.

Other alternatives, Grumbe has successfully tested an organic PET containing 30% sugar cane, as well as cellulose acetate, i.e. 80% wood fiber for only 20% virgin resin. These two options allow manufacturing in accordance with the quality standards of the brands.

Cardboard in all its forms

In response to the overall expectations of the group, the Grumbe site adds to its competence the manufacture of folding cardboard cases in small and large series. It has therefore invested in a folder-gluer dedicated to this activity. Finally, newly installed semi-automatic machines make it possible to produce rigid enclosures in small series.

Wood, a safe bet

Another growing market is that of wooden boxes that Cosfibel is developing in China and in Europe (Italy, France and Portugal). Cosfibel therefore designs and sources both ultra premium inlaid and lacquered cases and mono-material boxes in pine or paulownia.

This broad expertise allows it to meet the expectations of the spirits, delicatessen and cosmetics markets, with an ever more respectful of the environment.