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The GM Group relaunches the Pascal Morabito line of hospitality products

The two companies worked together to redesign the famous hotel line, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable development.

 Groupe GM, world leader in hospitality products, announces the relaunch of its iconic hotel line Contemporary by Pascal Morabito. Redesigned to reflect GM Group's sustainable development objectives, this range of tailor-made products will be available worldwide through the Group's extensive distribution network. 

A visionary artist for almost 50 years, Pascal Morabito has been creating avant-garde jewelry and sculptures since 1970. He is best known for his many masterpieces, and the hotel lines are no exception. In 2000, Pascal Morabito embarked on a whole new adventure, creating his first line of hospitality products with Groupe GM. In imagining his collections, Pascal Morabito sought to create something unique and contemporary.

He designed two hotel lines with Groupe GM: the Contemporary and the Collection line FirstBoth are distinguished by their attention to detail and impeccable design. As its name suggests, the Contemporary brings a modern touch to traditional hospitality products, with its fresh, revitalizing fragrances and elegant design. The Collection line First offers guests a subtle blend of luxury and refinement.

Pascal Morabito has sublimated the traditional hotel product line, placing opulence in the hands of guests around the world. He shares Groupe GM's dedication to luxury, style and quality, a commitment that has underpinned the success of this collaboration for 20 years.

Today, the Contemporary is fully in line with the "Care About Earth" program and reflects GM Group's sustainable development objectives.

The eco-responsible hotel line Contemporary by Pascal Morabito includes products in small and large formats. The range offers products with a fresh fragrance enhanced by notes of lemon, geranium, sandalwood, mint, lavender, tonka, thyme, cedar, orange and vetiver.

The new small 20 and 30 ml bottles are made from 100 % recycled plastic. The line also includes 25 and 35 g bath salts. RSPO ("Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil") certified soaps in 20 and 40 g sizes complete the collection.

The line is also available in large-capacity dispensers. The Ecopump is a 300 ml dispenser made from 100 % recycled plastic from post-consumer recycling circuits, and sealed pumps in biosourced resin.

Ecosource airless dispenser is the first cosmetics dispenser with guaranteed preservative-free formulas that are as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment. Thanks to an exclusive patented technology, products are hot-packed under vacuum in 375 ml sterile pouches, containing just 11.7 g of plastic. Ecosource offers a unique combination of quality, ecology, innovation and safety. Ecosource is certified by the European Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The Ghost is a 400 ml dispenser. It hangs from an invisible rail, giving the impression that the product is levitating. This large-format dispenser with its ingenious ecological design is made from sugar cane. The system is both safe and easy to use. The amount of product remaining is visible through a small, discreet window.

Finally, the Ecofill dispenser will complete the line. Currently patent-pending, this innovative dispenser designed by Groupe GM is eco-responsible, refillable and traceable. It is a clean, safe, fast and easy solution with reduced environmental impact. Its 400 ml sealed refill pouches feature low-impact packaging with only 8 g of recyclable plastic, and are easy to remove and replace.  

Eco-designed and offered in large format, many hospitality products in the Pascal Morabito range are now fully in line with GM Group's Care About Earth program. Launched in 2018, the Care About Earth program aims to strengthen GM Group's environmental and social actions. The program aims to reduce the hotel sector's impact on the environment. It affirms GM Group's commitment and efforts to develop sustainable products and reduce its impact on the environment. 

Laurent Marchand, President of GM Group, declares:" We're delighted to be renewing this popular product line with our partner Pascal Morabito, in order to better adhere to the Group's strong sustainability standards and convictions. This collection of hospitality products is more in line with our Care About Earth program, and we are confident that it will meet all our customers' expectations.We look forward to launching this new line of hospitality products in hotels around the world!"  

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