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Friday, July 1, 2022
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The Phytema laboratory launches Jour 1, a new range of natural and organic hair care with eco-designed bottles without label


With its know-how and expertise in hair care, the Phytema laboratory announces the launch of Jour 1, its new range of natural and organic hair care, developed and manufactured in Savoie with an eco-designed bottle without label.

" We are very pleased to launch today our Day 1 range which is the result of our 20-year expertise in hair care. Day 1 is for us, an invitation to take care of our hair in a different way with innovative ingredients and with eco-designed packaging. We have designed an authentic range in line with the expectations of consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint ," explains François Ardouin, President of the Phytema laboratory.

The result of two years of research and development in the laboratory, Jour 1 responds to a request made by consumers to reconcile hair pleasure and ethics. Indeed, the products contain at least 97% of natural ingredients from active ingredients of French organic farming (organic cucumber, organic lemon, organic thyme from Provence, organic clementine from Corsica, organic cedar from Auvergne or organic apricot from Roussillon or organic cherry blossoms and organic currants from Ardèche).

Day 1 : a complete range of hair care

The range was designed and formulated by Phytema in its laboratory located in the heart of the Alps. It offers a real hair ritual and is composed of 10 products:
5 shampoos (fortifying, volumizing, sanitizing, anti-dandruff, color protect),
2 care oils,
1 conditioner,
1 hair exfoliant,
1 moisturizing mask.

Phytema has chosen minimalist formulas by selecting effective active ingredients exclusively French.

An eco-designed hybrid packaging that shakes up the codes by bringing water-resistant cardboard packaging into the shower! 

Phytema is committed to improving the environmental footprint of its packaging by replacing certain materials with others from the circular economy. All containers have been selected to minimize their ecological impact, while maintaining the notion of pleasure.

The molded fiber shells containing the shampoo are made of recycled cartons and newspapers. Inside the shell is a soft plastic lining that uses 70% less plastic than a traditional bottle. The whole forms a functional and robust container.

The vials are laser engraved on the cardboard without a label. A recycled cardboard collar is printed with biodegradable ink.

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