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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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The French cosmetics sector has 14.5 billion euros in exports and confirms its role as a world leader

In 2018, the excellence and innovation of French cosmetics translates into exports that pass the 14.5 billion euro mark (up 6.3% compared to 2017). The sector has a positive trade balance of 11.2 billion euros, which is up almost 6.6% compared to 2017. The sector maintains its place on the podium of French export champions after aeronautics and wines and spirits.
The value of exports once again exceeds the sector's turnover in the French market.

The EU, Asia and North America remain the best performing areas

  • In the European Union, export growth remains strong with an increase of 4.5%. The largest increases were Spain (up 8.5%) Italy (up 7.2%). The outcome of the Brexit negotiations is highly anticipated by the sector as the UK is the second EU country (after Germany) to which France exports the most (over 1 billion euros with an increase of 3%). Outside the EU, Russia's growth was 17.8%.
    Although Europe is already a mature market, and French products are already very present, the attractiveness and safety of our products still allow us to increase our exports.
  • Exports to Asia continue to grow, with an increase of 16.6% in 2018 and growth of more than 20% in China (up 22.7%) Singapore (up 24%). More than 20% of French products now go to Asia, representing more than 2.6 billion euros.
  • North America posted a 6.8% increase in exports, including a 5.7% increase in the United States. It remains the second largest destination for our global exports. South and Central America remain stable.
  • For the Near and Middle East region, a slight decline of 2.1% in exports was effected (Saudi Arabia showing a decline of 6.2%), closely linked to the change in the price of oil.
  • For the Africa region, the situation is mixed: West Africa is up with 16.8%, Central and Southern Africa is down 6.8%. North Africa is also falling (-3.7%), mainly due to a blockage of imports by Algeria.

"French cosmetics continues to play a leading role around the world. Admired for its excellence, it is more innovative than ever to meet the new consumer wellness quests: on the quality and safety of formulations, product customization and environmental commitment," said Patrick O'Quin, President of the Women's Cosmetic Enterprises (FEBEA).

The champion categories continue their momentum

Care products and perfumes still account for 3/4 of France's cosmetics exports: 45% for care and 22% for perfumes, respectively.
Other champion categories include:

  • Make-up continues to grow with exports up (from 4.8% for lip makeup and 3.7% for eye makeup),
  • Hair preparations increased by 7.5% and shampoos by 5.8%.
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