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The "perfume" tassels according to Texen

With its industrial and international sourcing network, Texen Beauty Partners competes with expertise in the very specific field of tassels. For Jean-Paul Gautier, for example, the Texen division is not its first success. Latest to date, a charming collection for the Beau et la Belle fragrances.
Charming accessory, useful and futile, supreme added value of the bottle, the tassel holds its place in the development of packaging. However, it requires a good dose of creativity, rigorous development and agile sourcing.
Composed of a pin and a decoration, the tassel provides a dual function to the product. Located between the push button and the hoop, it guarantees inviolability and blocks the opening during travel. It serves as a pretext to give the bottle an extra soul and allows, in the case of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, to avoid the cap.

To each his own tassel

The brand understood it, Jean-Paul Gautier perfumes have not finished charming us. An anchor as a necklace around the collar, the legs of Scandal in Paris miniaturized and made in zamak, the sourcing of a delicately braided nylon cord…, Texen Beauty Partners is increasing its collaborations in this direction.

Beauty and the Beautiful

Texen Beauty Partners has produced different models for these two new fragrances. For Le Beau, it involved a ring and a stainless steel and gold galvanized ring for the 50 and 100 ml formats. For its part, the 30 ml format of La Belle is adorned with a galvanized stainless steel ring and its flower-shaped decoration made of Zamak.


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