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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Texen's "perfume" tassels

With its international sourcing and industrial network, Texen Beauty Partners competes with expertise in the very specific field of tassels. For Jean-Paul Gautier, for example, Texen's division is no stranger to success. Its latest success is a charming collection for the Le Beau et la Belle fragrances.
A charming accessory, both useful and futile, the ultimate added value of the bottle, the tassel has its place in packaging development. But it requires a healthy dose of creativity, rigorous development and nimble sourcing.
Composed of a pin and a decoration, the tassel provides the product with a dual function. Located between the push-button and the collar, it guarantees tamper-proofing and prevents opening during travel. In the case of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, it allows the bottle to avoid the cap.

To each his own tassel

Jean-Paul Gautier's perfumes have not finished charming us. From an anchor around the collar, to miniaturized zamak legs from Scandal à Paris, to the sourcing of delicately braided nylon rope, Texen Beauty Partners is multiplying its collaborations in this direction.

La Belle et le Beau

Texen Beauty Partners produced a number of different models for these two new fragrances. For Le Beau, the 50 and 100 ml formats feature a stainless steel and gold galvanized ring. La Belle's 30 ml format features a galvanized stainless steel ring with a Zamak flower motif.


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