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The synergies of the Pochet group at the service of Ginza Eau de parfum by Shiseido


The Pochet group unites its know-how for Ginza Eau de Parfum, the new fragrance for women from Shiseido Ginza Tokyo.

Ginza represents the birthplace and Tokyo origins of the Shiseido Ginza Tokyo brand. An ode to femininity and the many facets of women.

As if cut from a block, the bottle pierced by a black dagger reveals rounded curves and reveals a bright pink juice through the transparent glass.

"A black dagger plunges directly into the bottle, symbolically recalling the inner strength hidden in each woman,"explains Shiseido Ginza Tokyo.

The hood that forms the upper part of the dagger is injected with black plastic and satin lacquered to give depth and power to the whole.

The part of the dagger immersed in the juice was a real technical challenge met by the Qualipac teams, in partnership with the Shiseido Ginza Tokyo teams.

Elegantly concealing the dip tube, this soft plastic piece has been reflected and is designed to be malleable enough and can be inserted into the bottle.

To give life to Ginza Eau de parfum and to serve the Brand Shiseido Ginza Tokyo, the Pochet Group has gathered its expertise in bottle, plastic injection and aluminium: the bottle is made by Pochet du Courval - Guimerville, the dagger (capot and cache dip tube) are made by Qualipac - Château-Thierry, the aluminium fret by Quali Aluminium (Saint-Saturnin).

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