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Friday August 12th, 2022
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The beauty trends that will mark 2022


As beauty brands face digital transformation, a new generation has taken over as the primary consumer. The beginning of 2022 will see special attention paid to Generation Z, who have grown up with digital technology and are sensitive to social and environmental issues. This group of consumers today makes purchasing decisions that influence product launches and brand positioning.

The Market Insights team at beauty packaging manufacturer and distributor Quadpack has analyzed the growing trends that will affect the beauty industry in 2022. They summarize the mentality of a principled but playful generation.

Post-Covid Awakening

Joy and playfulness are the new keywords of makeup. Young consumers are looking for a playful routine and products that stimulate their creativity. Limited editions and collaborations feature bright colors, glitter and textures that invite the consumer to have fun.

Ethics first

Consumers are less willing to give up their beliefs for an attractive product or brand. The beauty industry needs to be truly committed to social and environmental causes, and show transparency throughout the process. Increasingly trained and informed, this generation knows how to recognize greenwashing in the blink of an eye.

Nature combines with technology

Reflecting the evolution of the "natural beauty" trend, consumers are more adept at laboratory-developed formulas that help protect the environment. From the ingredient that replaces materials of animal origin to mineral sun protection that does not harm coral reefs, technology at the service of good is increasingly popular.

Radical inclusion

The era of "camouflage" imperfections is about to disappear – at least for now! Freckles, pimples, wrinkles, folds are personal features that can be highlighted by makeup. Brands must be inclusive and provide diversified solutions so as not to risk being boycotted.

Health in focus

Products that beautify and "smell good" are desirable, but they are no longer enough to conquer hearts. In addition to their effects on beauty and health, cosmetic products must contribute to well-being and have a holistic approach, treating body and mind.

Makeup for digital

Gen Z has taken ownership of TikTok and digital life is more important than ever. While some brands are launching filters and apps to test products, others are focusing their efforts on solutions that help the consumer showcase their virtual image.

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