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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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L'Occitane and VPI sign their first eco-recharge in 100% recycled PP


Since its beginnings, the L'Occitane en Provence brand has been committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its packaging, and wishes to fully integrate it into a circular economy approach. The increase in reusable or refillable solutions has been at the heart of its strategy since its first eco-recharging launched on the market in 2008.
Today, VPI, a French specialist in the injection of plastic parts at the service of the luxury industry, is carrying out a new ambitious and innovative project for the brand: a new type of refill for one of its iconic products, the Utra Riche Corps Karité Cream.

 New refill and new material

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of L'Occitane's attention. Its strong CSR commitment is reflected in its formulations and selection of ingredients, as well as in its packaging and accessories. The products are designed according to the principles of ecodesign and the Ultra Rich Body Shea Cream refill operates several levers to minimize its environmental impact.
Beyond the implementation of a refill, the L'Occitane teams have chosen to use a 100% PCR (post consumer recycled) PP material. They are thus working to revalue fossil resources and to better integrate Occitane into the circular economy process.

The 100% PCR PP cup offers the advantages of preserving natural resources, supporting recycling channels and reducing the environmental footprint of the entire supply chain, thanks to the inherent lightness of its material.
The use of 100% recycled PP and the creation of the cup are real technical advances for which VPI has demonstrated its commitment. The management of batches of material from recycling, their traceability, the dimensional control of a 200 ml format, all in a tight development timing are the real feats achieved by VPI for Occitane.

Reinventing the new gestures of iconic product packaging

The Ultra Rich Body Shea 200 ml refill represented a major technical challenge. L'Occitane requested VPI's know-how to respond to a double problem including the mastery of a new material and the implementation of a new gesture.
The collaboration of the teams, involving a design study on the grip, for unclipping and reclipsing, made it possible to invent an intuitive and pleasant gesture. The cup, with a capacity of 200 ml, heat-sealed after filling, is sold alone, and is positioned in the aluminum packaging acquired during the first purchase.

"At VPI, we are honored to work with committed companies like L'Occitane en Provence. We thank the teams in place who, upstream, think about eco-design and who, in the development and industrialization of products, invest themselves so that the reflections carried out lead to beautiful projects truly eco-designed. We are proud to have been able to complete all this research on recycled materials and to see such ambitious action plans come to fruition," said Marc Beltrami, VPI's Chief Commercial Officer.

"The Ultra Rich Shea Body Cream refill solution allows us to significantly reduce our dependence on plastic compared to the old product, it is more than 40 Tons that are saved annually. It also meets our ambition to maximize our use of post-consumer recycled plastic. The VPI teams were able to respond perfectly to this challenge," said David Bayard, Packaging R&D Director of L'Occitane en Provence.

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