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L'Oréal and Verily launch a major study on skin and hair health

L'Oréal and Verily, an Alphabet subsidiary specializing in precision healthcare, announce the launch of "My Skin & Hair Journey", a multi-year study that will enable researchers to better understand the biological, clinical and environmental factors contributing to skin and hair health over time.

The "My Skin & Hair Journey" study will rely on the participation of thousands of American women, and will gather unprecedented information on their perceptions and experiences of skin and hair health, analyzing in particular the impact of each woman's lifestyle, environment, well-being and beauty routines. Women aged between 18 and 70, from a variety of backgrounds and with different skin and hair types, are invited to take part in the study by privately sharing their personal experiences of skin and hair health.

Among the participants, some will also be invited to take part in complementary tests to identify biomarkers (unique biological signatures) enabling early detection or prevention of skin diseases, before they take hold. L'Oréal will draw on the lessons learned from this field survey to develop precise, innovative beauty offers that meet the skin and hair health objectives and needs of all consumers.

"We're very excited about this venture with Verily, the world leader in precision health technologies. This is the first time a study of this scale has been launched by a cosmetics group for the beauty industry. Our work will go beyond the skin, as part of our research into longevity, said Barbara Lavernos, Executive Vice President, Research, Innovation and Technology, L'Oréal. This study could go so far as to unravel the mysteries of skin and hair health on an individual scale. In the future, it could serve as the basis for the development of precision beauty innovations with a level of personalization never before achieved."

"This program combines L'Oréal's scientific knowledge with Verily's expertise in technology and clinical science, said Stephen Gillett, CEO of Verily. Thanks to this multifaceted partnership, we aim to bring significant innovation by analyzing this data for better precision health for skin and hair."

L'Oréal has over a century's experience in research and development. What's more, its strong commitment to open innovation with its partners means it can more rapidly acquire knowledge that promotes the health of consumers' skin and hair. The Group has also extended its expertise in advanced research and innovation to precision beauty for everyone, drawing on synthetic biology, green science and Beauty Tech. The aim is to develop more personalized products and services, responding to the varied profiles, needs and aspirations of consumers worldwide.

"Skin health cohorts play a crucial role in elucidating the complex link between the wide range of biomarkers and their effects on skin health, said Guive Balooch, worldwide managing director in charge of augmented beauty and open innovation at L'Oréal. Regular follow-up of the women taking part in the study will enable us to observe changes, identify risk factors and develop personalized recommendations to improve skin well-being and health. This broader understanding contributes to the development of more precise and inclusive skin care approaches for everyone's needs."

In 2022, L'Oréal and Verily announced a multi-year strategic partnership and scientific collaboration to advance precision healthcare. As part of this work, this year L'Oréal also presented Hapta, an automated make-up applicator for people with reduced arm or hand mobility, powered by Verily technology.

The "My Skin & Hair Journey" field survey for skin and hair health is currently open to participants in the USA, and is due to be rolled out internationally. 

Photo: ©My Skin & Hair Journey

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