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Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch (Givaudan), a story of alchemy...

Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch (Givaudan), a story of alchemy...

One is a fashion designer, the other a perfumer. They met in 2015 and immediately a creative complicity was born. From the alchemy of this meeting and the values shared by these two designers, B683 was born in 2016. The name is inspired by the asteroid in Saint-Exupery's Little Prince and by the designer's birth date, which makes it his own imaginary planet. It is a fragrance that blends leather and spices "in a subtle, powerful and racy refinement". Ganymede is launched in 2019, it is still a leather but in the image of the planet whose name it bears, it is a new elegance, fresh and mineral, just as timeless ... In 2020, Ganymede received three awards from the Fragrance Foundation, in France, UK and Russia. 

The Stoelzle Masnières team is proud of this collaboration with Marc-Antoine Barrois, who chose the 100 ml cubic bottle for his two magnificent fragrances. A very pure case with fine protruding edges in total adequacy with the poetic universe of the creator. This high quality glass allowed for a perfect finish. For this complex decoration it is a very beautiful flat hot stamping signed Stoelzle decoration which was carried out.

Marc Antoine Barrois- Packaging - Product Info

Building on the success of his brand, which now has more than 200 points of sale worldwide, Marc-Antoine Barrois inaugurated his second Parisian boutique near the Palais Royal, at 13 Galerie Véro-Dodat (75001) on July 7.

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