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g.pivaudran continues its trials in recycled aluminum

"For several months now, clients have been asking us about concrete projects. A milestone has been reached with the brands. We are working to guarantee them reliable, quality and sustainable production.explains Marc Pivaudran, president of g.pivaudran, a French company, 100 % family-owned since 1948, which designs and manufactures custom-made and innovative aluminum objects for the worldwide perfume, cosmetics and spirits market.

Relying on years of experience and a mastered technology, the company continues its trials and tests for some customers the possibility of integrating recycled aluminum for specific products, but still very confidential.

With its aluminum suppliers, G. Pivaudran has engaged in reflections and regularly conducts comparative tests of materials, validates the aspects, the colors, the touch...

"We are testing a new grade of aluminum to achieve gloss and elasticity levels close to those offered by non-recycled aluminum. The other key issue is sourcing. We need to find a recycling channel capable of ensuring stable supplies in terms of quantity but also, and of course, quality.says Hervé Delaigue, sales and development director of g.pivaudran.

Eventually, the goal is to be able to offer brands solutions by integrating recycled aluminum into the stamped parts produced, without limiting the advanced transformation possibilities that this material offers.

On the occasion of its participation in the Édition Spéciale By Luxe Pack exhibition - the meeting of the luxury packaging actors which takes place in Paris, at the Carreau du Temple, on August 31 and September 1, 2021, g.pivaudran will present some first tracks on generic pieces all in aluminum.

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